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Learn about FirstStep™ Balance System, a proprietary technological product invented by Jan Chamberlain.  The system is designed to allow patients to safely train to improve their reaction to loss of balance, to gain confidence by training the brain to dynamic imbalance, with the goal of improving safety, safety, recovery, & functional skills.   “Get Your Balance Back!™” with the innovative system that is transforming lives.  FirstStep™ is located in our Mystic office.


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FirstStep™ Explained by Jan Chamberlain

Anyone Can Use This System!

FirstStep™ is an overhead track and harness system designed to allow patients to safely train by wearing a vest which is attached to the track above.   This set up allow patients to break through their barriers and achieve their goals of being independent and more confident.  FirstStep™ is beneficial for athletes who wish to challenge their rehab and increase their functional skills with jumping, lunging, and squatting,  Patients with low back pain, arthritis, pre and post-operative joint replacement training, stroke patients, patients with vertigo or post concussion, athletes, all can benefit from the system to help them get their balance back!

See FirstStep™ Balance in action!

Stroke patient, Amy, of 10 years is still making progress.  She is able to be comfortable being unsteady, learning how correct herself by being able to lift her foot & toes to clear an object which carries over to walking up a curb or walking on the beach unassisted.  The carryover is immediate with minutes of coming off the unit.  


Systems start @ $30,000.

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